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MORTAL TORMENT - Cleaver Redemption (2015) * Review

My brain directly fixed on a song called 'Cleaver Redemption', which also became the title of the album and my imagination for torture be derived from this song.  Not that the first track ' Epileptic Defecation' and other songs not affecting my brain to imagine a torture.  However, these songs come across as a continuation of the torture phase of my imagination. I must feel this imagination from the riffs of brutal death created, before interested in hearing this album repeatedly and write a review.

Hear the riffs which appeal to be heard, as well as the dynamic tempo and grooved from the album ' Cleaver Redemption ', affecting my brain to imagine something like this, ' An Old man wearing pajamas with a face which full of revenge, holding an obsolete axe in right hand and rusty cleaver in the left hand toward to a warehouse, where there is a slut, whom captured this morning and locked up in a cage.  Uncompromising, he stabs the slut's body almost die, and hang her as a beast  who be skinned.  And when it is, he tried his crazy experiments by start sawing the crotch of genitals slut until toward the diaphragm. "

'Cleaver Redemption ' is the second full-length album created by ' Mortal Torment ', a band that I respect from Greece.   Lot of the albums from the brutal death bands from there that I've heard and addicted to hearing their music.   In addition,  Greece already circled on my maps after France, Russia, United States and Indonesia, that produce brutal death bands are quality, satisfaction guarantee and having different characters from other countries.

Different from the previous album ' Resuscitation '. On the album 'Cleaver Redemption ', I receive the concept of the brutal death with grooves and setting the tempo which easily to understand. In addition, the meaning of the titles of the songs in the album easily understood if seen from the lyrics written.  By a combination of music that they created, remain consistent with the split proportion of European Death metal riffs and slamming.  Of course, their music absolutely entertaining to the listener's ears and guarantee for head banging.  The four tracks at the beginning of the album, including the song ' Cleaver Redemption ' are the songs that appeal to be heard repeatedly. Meanwhile, the nuances of aggressive and kill imparted by songs such as ' Sculping The Dead ', ' Necropitogyron ' and ' Masturbating the Deranged'.   Hearing these songs, such as preparing the surgery to victims who had died. The three tracks at the last of the album are impressive. 'Whorified','Fucked in the Eye Socket and Left to Die' and 'Hymn to the Rotten' , showed an imagination of torture being done slowly and painful which felt in the body, as their music which has a varied tempo that makes addicted to hear it.

'Cleaver Redemption ' is an album that difficult to be avoided when wish to fantasize for the torture being done gradually.   In addition, its groove makes me forget, that I must stop the imaginary to slice the skin of my victims, and its tempo makes me constantly to looking for victims to be tortured.

Alex Ad Ventus/Guitars

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