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OMNIPOTENT HYSTERIA - 2015 Promo * Review

We recognize that the 'New Standard Elite' is famous due to their achievements which always spawned brutal bands that qualified, blasphemous and barbarous. ' 'Omnipotent Hysteria ' is the band which we deem that way.  They have defined a dynamic brutality, grooved and blasphemous in tempo and structure of the music being created, a combination of pure brutal and slam in any song and feral blasting in every beat that applied in each song, make ears buzzing and compel facial too tight. Their promo released by New Standard Elite ' in August 2015 and we still want to feel again the savagery riffs from them later in the day, certainly in a debut full-length album.

They came from Liverpool, England, offer the brutality which comfortable to be heard. ' Harvesting the Remnants of Mankind ' and ' The Symbiotic Swarm ', equally have brutal dominance concept which defines, distinctive character, and spreading the epidemic of brutality which unexpectedly. Indeed, it is still difficult to feel the sense of torture, which only lasts approximately eight minutes. However, what created by 'Omnipotent Hysteria ' is already causing the heart is pumping blood quickly.

Music offered by 'Omnipotent Hysteria ', managed to make us didn't have to wait long for suffering and pain that we expect from the brutal death. Quickly spread into the blood and leaving only the inhumanity that is unforgettable.

1. Harvesting the Remnants of Mankind 
2. The Symbiotic Swarm

Omnipotent Hysteria ' Promo 2015'
Release Date: July 17th, 2015
Label: New Standard Elite
Country: United Kingdom

Jon Burr: Vocals
James Murphy: Guitar
Matt Jones: Bass
Jon Rushforth: Drums

Written and Edit by:
Sigbin and Cerberus

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