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ONCOLOGY - The Metastasis (EP 2015) *REVIEW

Thought for a moment, like seeing a young man who had just been killed and thrown into the ditch. His body is destroyed, the head of a nearly severed, intestines that burst out of the stomach and scattered around the chest, bulging eyes reflects a gaze that had just been tortured sadistically by a crazy doctor which failed dissecting cancer.  A moment like this that we feel when hearing the riffs which ferocious and barbaric.  Not to mention , the blasphemous tempo that created. This is our first time to touch the brutality of ' Oncology ', a band from Northern Ireland who released their first creation titled ' The Metastases ' in April 2015. The concept of the music they create no doubt and absolute produce deep musings of torture and pain without end. We hope that the label ' Rising Nemesis Records ' truly realize their debut full-length later.

For us, ' The Metastases ' not only offers a painful concept of purity of a brutal death but more than that, 'Oncology' have an understanding of how to create a rapidly brutalities to influence the brain and spread a lot of imagination about the ordeal, suffering of the soul, and the depth of the incitement to kill. Three songs from this album managed to invite us to think about the process of torture before death. In terms of the structure of music to offer, ' The Metastases ' offers an intense and varied riffs, barbaric beats, savage and blasphemous of tempo. A sound that impressed rough and raw , make their music impressed have pure sound of their brutality. However, although impressed rough and savage, the music they show quite harmonious, because very good sound heard when turn of tempo is done.

'The Metastases' can't be far from brutal instinct and pain that you need. Make sure it's still giving the chance to be heard on a daily, so that the pain in your body's organs are not lost and continue to suffer, due to over time it will spread the pain in other organs of your body and immediately, you will be addicted and forget your death tomorrow.

Note: They are still seeking Vocalist and Drummer to support their debut album presence.

1. Prelude to Oblivion
2. Beheading of the Prophets
3. The Desolation of Hope

Oncology 'The Metastasis'
Release date: April 12th,2015
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Country: Northern Ireland

Written and edit 
by: L. Emilia & Argos

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