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RAVENTALE - Dark Substance Of Dharma (2015) * Review

Let the ravens flying around by bringing the soul of eternity and convey messages of death to the priest, that would come the hordes of the black ruler who brought the dark mist from the heart of heaven.

It's difficult for us, if must doubt the concept of atmospheric blackened metal created by Raventale, especially in this brand-new album. Stillness in bringing the feel of cold and hallucination of death.  In addition, murkiness in offering an unforgettable nightmare is the impression which feel from the nuances of the music they create.

'Dark Substance Of Dharma' is the seventh full-length album that released on October 5th,2015 on 'BadMoonMan Musics ', after two years ago, they released the compilation album 'Memoires'. To be honest, we have not followed the development of Raventale's music since album 'After (2010)'. Until finally, our comrades 'Transcending Obscurity' tempting us to listen to the brand-new album.  After looking for the latest information regarding 'Raventale', ultimately quite relieved due to 'Astaroth' didn't work alone again. Now, he is assisted by four personnel who support his creative ideas, among others, 'Morthvarg Scar (Guitars and Vocals), Athamas (Bass & Vocals), Grim Me (Keyboards), Khaoth (Drums). With this lineup, the music created by Raventale is dynamic, magnificent and have riffs are increasingly nuanced and fuller of contemplation than before.  Every Album from Raventale has an idea or deep imagination for the philosophy of life, psychology, and nature. However, this time they raised the idea of ethnic for view of life based on the mythology of India and Tibet. Stunning and certainly boasts

When began to listen ' Dark Substance Of Dharma ', we deliberately turn off the lights and let the room empty, there is only headphone in the ears. Until finally, we conceive an imagination to be written in a review on the following day.  Seven tracks at once an intro ' Intra-Mantra ', offer the concept of the music which gripping, if heard based on the mood when fearful and sad.  However, if heard based on emotion, the concept of the music offered will bring strong imagination against epic and contemplation of deep anger. Through a combination of an ideal instrument such a keyboard and dynamic beats in each song also shows the impression of the dark and gloomy.  What you'd expect if heard the music styles of the ' Atmospheric Black Metal '? Darkness, sadness, stillness, anger, or music that brings the mind to contemplate. We assume, everything is there in Raventale's music this time.

If may divide the phase of the mood on this album, would be something as this: At the beginning track on the album entitled ' Destroying the Seeds of Karma ' and ' Dark Substance of Dharma ',  a feel of haunting and frightening starting to approach the soul and slowly become a domination of anger and murkiness. The Anger culminated when heard 'Kali's Hunger ' and the darkness begins to haunt the soul. Feel the mental tranquility at the last track, entitled ' Red Laugh's Walking ', ' I am the Black Tara ' and '  Last Moon Fermata ' is a closing of the dark soul which we hope from this album. 

' Dark Substance Of Dharma ', surely impressive and it's difficult to resist the atmosphere of a dark soul. One of the best releases this year from the black metal scene have already we heard. Salute to ' Raventale ' due to managed to bring our mood towards depth contemplation of darkness in every song on this album.

Track :
1. Intra-Mantra  
2. Destroying the Seeds of Karma  
3. Dark Substance of Dharma  
4. Kali's Hunger  
5. Red Laugh's Walking  
6. I Am the Black Tara
7. Last Moon Fermata
Astaroth Merc - guitars.
Morthvarg Scar - guitars, voice.
Athamas - bass, voice.
Grim Me - keyboards.
Khaoth - drums.


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Argos. Cerberus. Hydra
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