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THE SICKENING - Sickness Unfold (2015) * Review

Previously, we apologize to loyal readers, that we missed this noteworthy release. Yes, ' Sickness Unfold ' from ' The Sickening ' released in July 2015 by ' Xtreem Music ', at the same time, the staffs at ' Metalbleedingcorp ' also faces an extraordinary flurry in outside of the music, which made us miss the noteworthy release from brutal death metal scene in this year. Supposedly, this writing published in July.   However, we don't have the time to exist in Metalbleedingcorp at the time. Right in the third month after the release, finally able to hear their music in full.

Well, before hearing this album, it's better to omit something that related concerning modernization of the brutal death metal in the brain, due to ' Sickness Unfold' created not to present a trend or a collection of nonsense to create an interest at the moment.  However, it created to express the honesty in interpreting of eternity from the purity of brutal death metal. Offering primitive composition of brutal death that blasphemous, barbarous and rapid in giving the effect of dissonance which sick in the ears done on each song - surprising and remembering.

Substantively, the cover art which created by ' Anders Rokkum' - everything is clear, that the nuances of the music that will be offered by 'The Sickening ' - a sick and excruciating the body. Just look, how he depicts a monster who torture own body with knives and chain its body to not to be able to move - in the sense, forced be quiet and feel the pain. ' Anders Rokkum ' also did not give paint it in red. However, gray or color of grim.  For the art being displayed, we argue that the vision of the music which offered by 'The Sickening' such as this: ' Applying a painful torture side into the nuances of the music they create thoroughly - not slowly.  However, spontaneity and rapid in felt the extraordinary agony by presenting the long-time grudges or the trauma of torture from the past.

Maximize volume, when hearing the songs - especially for the early tracks, such as ' Sickness Unfold ', ' fixed on Killing ' and ' Unnamed horror ' - so that can feel the depth of the pure brutal death metal composition that they offer - and these songs are strong to offer the scent of vicious from the purity of brutal death metal - and we have plenty of time to hear these songs repeatedly.  When you already feel the nuance of the suffering of these songs, please don't stop until there, due to it's still a seed of the nuance of torture which offered on this album.  The other songs titled ' Throat Hole Ejaculation ', ' Lord Of Decay ', ' A Mind Deranged ' and 'Powertool sodomy ', such as took us to the dissecting room, where therein several organs that still active and picked it up for collection.

No doubt heard the composition of pure brutal death which they offer, ranging from the intensity of hyper and blast beats, guitar riffs that are pungent, vicious and slashing, not to mention the raw growl vocal, which easy to be listened.  All this makes us to imagine a combination between ' Gorgasm in the EP 'Stabwound Intercause (1998) ' with ' Deeds Of Flesh in the Ep 'Gradually Melted (1995)' - impressive. The songs entitled 'Suffer For My Pleasure' and ' Consumed By Hate ' true clarify it all.

Don't ever to reveal the expression 'Sick' for brutal death metal, which not adjust the purity of brutal death metal in composition.  However, it will be memorable, if done intensively-and we obtain it from ' The Sickening ', a band that came from a country that did not previously suspected, that therein still exist that presenting the root of brutal death.

1. Sickness Unfold
2. Fixed on Killing
3. Unnamed Horror 
4. Throat Hole Ejaculation  
5. Lord of Decay
6. A Mind Deranged  
7. Powertool Sodomy 
8. Suffer for My Pleasure
9. Consumed by Hate  
10. Abort (The Fetus) (Vile cover)

Markspist/Vocals, Guitars
Neeraj/Bass, Vocals (backing)

Contributed / Supported by:
Transcending Obscurity /

Written And Edit by
Argos and Sigbin

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