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' VERMINGOD ', 'Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom ', finally released on November 23, 2015.

The concept of music, which I need to hear this year - '' Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom ' of Vermingod and the label ' Ungodly Ruins Productions ', finally release this album on November 23, 2015.

If you need to hear a different death metal or not usual, Now, the label has opened pre-orders for the album in this location.

'Metalbleedingcorp' also had interviewed the band, which talk for this album.   If missed it, can still read it here.

In addition, Vermingod has also released a song called ' A Stranded Figured Painted Pus'.  You can listen it here.

This what we call death metal that not follow the trend, no bullshit, just brains in a concocted in extreme music into one force that entertain to the listeners.  No need to command must follow the rules or musical concept generally.

You can mention anything for their music. Brutal Death, Technical Death, Death Thrash, blackened Death , or melodic death, all up to you.    The reality, death metal to head bang, death metal for revolt and death metal for outrage.   We will not hear death metal, If none of this all and they understand it all.  

Whatever you need to say anything for the death metal they create, in fact, how all the elements that made into music that truly appeals to be heard repeatedly and their music - a guarantee of satisfaction.  November coming soon and Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom ', became my first order in the note to buy.

01. Ungodly Wonders
02. The Vocationist
03. Shades in My Sleep
04. Half a God
05. A Raving Lamentation
06. Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom
07. Spread of Pestilence
08. A Stranded Figured Painted Pus
09. Zero Omnipotance
10. Terror Polarity
11. Inheritance of Impious Doctrines

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