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'AUTOPSY',Presents the teaser and details of 'After The Cutting (4 Disk Set)'

The US death metal maestros are set to return with a double-bill of unbridled horror this year on Peaceville Records, including their latest new material since last year’s highly acclaimed opus, ‘Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves’.

Commencing with ‘After the Cutting’ on December 4th, this is a special limited release containing an expansive book penned by Dennis Dread recounting the careers of the gore legends, featuring unseen photos and exclusive artwork, accompanied by four discs brimmed full of classics, new tracks and previously unheard rarities from deep within the band’s own archive.

This will be followed by the aptly-titled ‘Skull Grinder’, containing 7 new tracks (also featured on ‘After the Cutting’) and releasing on vinyl to coincide with this year’s ‘Black Friday’ on November 27th (CD to follow in 2016).

“We at Autopsy HQ are pleased to have the opportunity to once again torture your minds and ear holes through the medium of recorded brutality. The band went back to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley in late July to record a brand new release called "Skull Grinder". Musically, it's just what you'd expect from us; no style changes, wimp outs, sell outs, settling down or caving in. Add to that acknowledgement of the obvious, some of Wes Benscoter's sickest art yet to (dis)grace the cover, and you have a new sledgehammer to the bowels with no apologies offered whatsoever.

In case that isn't enough to bring the taste of bile into the back of your throat, let it be known that there is also a four-disc set on the way titled "After the Cutting", packed with hours of horrifying music, cover art from none other than Kev Walker as well as an extensive book written by Dennis Dread, riddled with interviews, photos and other assorted uncleanliness. The release date for both of these monstrosities is slated for this coming November. 

Special limited edition deluxe earbook release containing 4 CDs - including the 2015 release Skull Grinder and a mountain of rarities old and new - plus a 92 page book on the history of this legendary Death Metal outfit. 

After the Cutting is a special limited release in a deluxe earbook format containing an expansive 92-page book penned by US-based writer/artist Dennis Dread that recounts the careers of the Metal legends. 

Featuring new interviews, unseen photos and exclusive artwork, accompanied by four discs brimmed full of new tracks (including the 2015 release Skull Grinder), classics and previously unheard rarities dug up from deep within the band's own archive. 

The stunning cover artwork comes courtesy of renowned artist Kev Walker who was responsible for the art on Autopsy's gore-soaked early masterpieces; the Severed Survival and Mental Funeral albums.

Disc 1 - Skull Grinder: 
Strung Up and Gutted 
Skull Grinder 
Children of the Filth 
Sanity Bleeds 
The Withering Death 
Waiting for the Screams 
Return to Dead 

Critical Madness - 1988 demo: 
Charred Remains 
Ridden With Disease 
Critical Madness 

1987 demo: 
Human Genocide 
Mauled to Death 

1987 rehearsal track: 
Christ Denied 

1991 Rehearsal: 
Fiend for Blood 
Keeper of Decay 
Squeal Like a Pig 
Ravenous Freaks 
Dead Hole 

As the Grave Violators: 
Black Incantations 

Disc 2 - Chapter One of the band-studio cuts: 
Severed Survival 
Gasping for Air 
Ridden with Disease 
Charred Remains 
Retribution for the Dead 
In the Grip of Winter (ep version) 
Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay 
Destined to Fester 
Dark Crusade/Mental Funeral 
Keeper of Decay 
Dead Hole 
Funereality (vol. 4 version) 
Blackness Within 
Death Twitch 
The Birthing 
An End to the Misery 
Burnt to a Fuck 
Bowel Ripper 

Disc 3 - Chapter two of the band-studio cuts: 
Feast of the Graveworm 
Seven Skulls 
Macabre Eternal 
Seeds of the Doomed 
Bridge of Bones 
Sadistic Gratification 
All Tomorrow's Funerals 
Slaughter at Beast House 
She is a Funeral 
Arch Cadaver 
Flesh Turns to Dust 
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves 
Parasitic Eye 

Disc 4 - Live: 
Live at the Oakland Metro, 7/27/12: 
Intro/Charred Remains/Severed Survival 
Pagan Savior 
Seeds of the Doomed 

Live at the Oakland Metro, 5/26/13: 
Arch Cadaver 
Critical Madness 
Gasping for Air 
Mangled Far Below 
Ridden With Disease 
Severed Survival 
Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay 

1992 Rehearsal: 
Your Rotting Face 
An Act of the Unspeakable 
Spinal Extractions 
Battery Acid Enema 
Walls of the Coffin 

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