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'BIZARRE', Signs to Xtreem Music for release of First EP 'Inner Necropolis'

Spanish Death Metal newcomers, 'Bizarre', have signed to 'Xtreem Music' for the release of their upcoming debut mini CD as well as their later albums.

Formed in summer 2015 by members from other bands, among them: Evilead (Elderdawn), Funedëim (Famishgod, Svipdagr, Morkulv, Itnuveth, Dis Gob), Uretra (Onirophagus) and Obszen (Kuroi Oni) and have recently recorded a demo-track of the song 'Moldy and Decomposed', that will be included on their 5-song debut EP “Inner Necropolis” to be recorded in January 2016 at famous Moontower Studios in Barcelona and artwork is being done by Raúl González.

The style of 'Bizarre' is a totally old school driven Death Metal that blends brutality and melody in equal parts and firmly rooted in the early 90's finnish scene with influences from bands like Adramelech, Demigod, Demilich, Cartilage... but adding some extra touches from bands like Anasarca, Intestine Baalism, Grave...

Release for "Inner Necropolis" should happen during spring 2016 , and as soon as we have cover artwork and advance track.   We'll reveal it along with a definite release date for this EP. 

Written by: Xtreem Music
Edit by: Hydra
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