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CHANCROID - Promo 2015 * Review

We are having a little difficulty in choosing the brutal death's character different from the ordinary ones be heard every day, as an anticipate in create the waiting list for first full-length albums from those bands, in order to realize a mission from our writing entitled ' Intestinal Ripping '.  Even though, there are requests from the band, from our loyal readers or browsing on the Bandcamp site. However, we found one of disharmony and will certainly cause your eyes bulging out. Can not be described, not grooved, Ungodly brutality, the primitive brutality, and chaotic. Surely, this should be mentioned as the strain that cause bloody ears. If accomplished, this band became the first in our list for reviewing their full-length album later.

The band became my first rank in the list to anticipate for their full-length album presence. ' Chancroid ' from Indonesia played uterine brutal disharmony in two songs on their promo, which released limited. If you are a lover of Indonesian brutal death style, so you will not find the harmony of beauty groove such as albums, which I have heard. However, You will hear the limitless chaotic. When I listen the early tempo in the song 'Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic', slightly reminds on the song 'Disgorge's Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation or 'Decrepit Birth's The Infestation'. Having slashing guitar riffs and hyper beats almost the same.  However, 'Chancroid ' creates it rough and disharmony.  Thus, I assume that the composition of the disharmony offered by them such as combining the chaotic of 'Disgorge's barbarous riffs with the beauty of 'Decrepit Birth's violent riffs. Certainly, in their early albums due to unlike the music development  from these two bands now. However, I'd argue that ' Chancroid' have their own venom, which causes this band different from other brutal bands.  If - 'Excoriation' is famous with their disharmony hyper beats or ' Amputated Genitals' with disharmony slashing guitar riffs without a break, then 'Chancroid' has disharmony on tempos and riffs.

From the explanation above, what could have you mention for their music? I'd prefer to mention their music with the sentence, 'The dissonance of brutal disharmony'.   For me, the honestly creation of brutal death as this. It has a depth of inhumanity brutal,  over an expression of sickness, though influenced from the particular bands, not causes the band imitates all the tempo or riffs.  However, created become unbridled and able to create a character. Two songs titled ' Bestial Perverse of the Psychoneurotic Anomalies ' and ' Haemophillus Ducreyi Innoculated '- Intense from the beginning to ending and shows the consistency of disharmony, which became the main reason to hear these two songs every day. If the tempo of their music likened such as the rotting corpses ,  so their disharmony riffs such as maggots that gnawing the rotten corpse's flesh.

Now it's time to follow the development of their music and hope the loyal readers to observe the band and together await their full-length album. In extreme metal civilization, the main one not seeking a popularity.  However, able to create something different from the existing one. In a different meaning, not a sensation, yet an innovation.  Maintains a minority extreme metal without responding to incitement to the mainstream. I assume that the ' Chancroid ' understand this vision.

1. Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic
2. Haemophillus Ducreyi Innoculated

Bona / Drums
Wira / Vocals
Hendri /Guitars

CHANCROID ' Promo 2015'
Release date: March 16th. 2015
Label: Brute Production
Country: Bekasi - Indonesia


Written by: Argos 
Edit by: Cerberus

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