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'CRYPTIC HYMN', presents the official video entitled ' Nazgul ' taken from the EP ' Gateway '

Blackened Death Metal from Paducah, Kentucky-US, ' Cryptic Hymn ', recently presents an official video entitled 'Nazgul ', taken from the EP entitled ' Gateway ', which released Independently on September 8th 2015.  The video directed by ' Nick Loria ' from ' Viral Veil Productions '.

Formed in July of 2014 as a blackened death metal band featuring ex-Voyage of Slaves members Dave Palenske, Jon Grace, and Nathaniel Vowell as well as Josh Mumford of Anagnorisis.

Following this, we write a brief review concerning to the EP ' Gateway '.

The EP entitled ' Gateway ', consists of 5 tracks that offer a magnificent composition of death metal. In it, not only hear basic of blackened death metal.  However, an exploration of music which consists of technical/progressive death metal tempos, full of melodies that cause can't sleep well due to continue to envision the beauty of epic and dark nuances - to this one, absolutely consummate and fascinate.

In addition, the aggressive and energetic of thrash metal riffs also can't ignore due to with this composition, the music that they offer provide an expression of elegance.

For us, No deficiency for this band. They explore with all nuances of the music they offer in every song due to when must feel a revolt from death metal, darkness or gloom from black metal and rumination of deep soul from Melodic, technical and Thrash can find in every song easily.

To the maturity in conceptualizing the music, their musical concept included in the category of music that has a high level of imagination. If you don't believe us or doubt. You can hear all the track from this album. Our recommendation song, which you should hear it first is ' What Lies Beyond the Wall', which concludes what we feel from the nuances of the music produced from the band.

written and edit by: Argos and Hydra
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