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'DARK FUNERAL' , Announces the forthcoming Album in 2016

With the release of the single 'Nail Them To The Cross' earlier this year, Swedish black metal masters, 'Dark Funeral', are now preparing the release of their next studio album.

Guitarist 'Lord Ahriman' comments:
"Cold winds are blowing over Scandinavia and the winter will arrive very soon. The world is bleak and dark days await.

During the past months we have been forging the foundation of what will become the new DARK FUNERAL album. Music and lyrics are falling in place, piece by piece.

The actual plan for the release is also slowly taking shape and everything has finally started to move. We aim to hit the studio in early 2016 and to have the actual album in your hands during the first half of the year! More info to follow...”

source and written by: Dark Funeral 'Facebook
edit by: Hydra
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