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DEFEATED SANITY' , Announced the dates and location for THE AMERICAN DEFORMITY TOUR PART II '

After they announced the date of the show in Bandung, Indonesia, which will be held on December 13, 2015.   Recently, they have also announced the date for their following shows  on the event called ' The American Deformity Tour Part II ', which presented by ' Dead Haggis Productions ', which also features shows from ' Iniquitous Deeds (California) ' and ' Savagery Iniquitous (Scotland)'.   The tour will begin  January 1st - February 6th ,2016.  

If it's fixed, ' Josh Welshman (Live Vocals) ' will still be with them on this show.

Here is the complete schedule:

Source: Defeated Sanity facebook
Written and Edit by: Hydra
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