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'DEHYDRATED', announces the third full length album in detail

Death metal from Siberia (Tomsk) - Russia ' Dehydrated ', had announced in detail about their third full length album a few days ago, entitled ' Awake in the Era '.  The album will release on December 24th. 2015 in Digital format independently.   You can listen the teaser 1 from that album here.

In addition , the album also included a single titled 'Scar inside', which released in early 2015.  You can listen here.

Meanwhile, the front cover of the album art by Mayhem Project Design and track list, have also been published.

Before announces this album, exactly in October 2015, they have published a single too that can be heard here or at several links, which we've included below.   You can also watch them for that single in Band Playthrough session.

Just one sentence from us, which explains how they play death metal, i.e. ''This band has innovation in understanding the rules of their own death metal''.

If this is what you are looking for at closing this year, then you can anticipate this album now at this location below.

track list
1. Wake Up (intro)
2. Premonition of Hell
3. Beauty of Madness
4. Running for a dream
5. Parallels
6. Scar Inside
7. Sickness
8. Outlaws (Let’s do goodness and fuck the rots)
9. Beginning (instrumental)

Source : Dehydrated Official Facebook
written and Edit by: Argos

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