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INTESTINAL LACERATION - Species of Putrid Minds (EP-2015) * Review

Feel the presence of savagery in playing the purity of brutal death metal from this band , which has a cruel sound character, abusive riffs and domination of the ruthless tempos of the pure brutal death metal composition in each song , cause us anticipate the presence of their first full-length album in the future. Intestinal Laceration's Species of Putrid Minds ' released by Coyote records ' on April 24, 2015 and you should be familiar that this band comes from Lima, Peru, which not a country that produced the quality of brutal death's band.  However, their presence in the world extreme metal civilization ought to be proud due to being able to maintain the roots of brutal death, which now increasingly dull with the presence of recent compositions in this genre.

Spread of hate through the aroma of rotting from the pure brutal death such as unearthing the tomb of barbarity's ruler .  it was caused by blasphemy in every song, chaotic tempo and draconian riffs, that causes the face become red and tight due to felt the deep wounds and suppurate, is an expression which highly expected. Not to mention, the balance of deep grunts, guttural and scream , which indicates that this album could cause vomiting immediately upon seeing the flies circling the human flesh which was rotting and maggots were gnawing the flesh. 

'Species of Putrid Minds ' consists of four tracks - two instrumentals, which starting and ending the album. We assume, the songs are titled ' Row of Decaying Corpses ' and ' Authophagy ' have a depth of brutal death metal.  Offers fierce riffs and implementation of primitive tempos that blasphemous. Meanwhile, on the song ' 'Proliferation of plural Larvae' - offers the beauty of grooves and tempos. However, not imply, they eliminate the scent of blasphemy in that song.  However, they explore the classic feel, such as an early album of 'Gorgasm' nor 'Condemned'.

Meanwhile, when hearing the song ' Enjoy Their The Flesh ', my ears were tempted to repeat it several times due to the song has a strong attraction and has greatly impressive riffs on this album. The density of the classic elements of brutal death rapidly can be felt in this song - that's memorable. The density of chaotic melodies and blasphemous, the structure of the primitive tempo, and accuracy of guttural , grunts and scream are balance and dynamic , could be heard only in this song.

Don't forget this release due to will never regret to hear the nuances of elderly brutal riffs that they offer.  It would be preferable if flatten this album in the rack of your collection with the early albums of 'Purulent ' , 'Gorgasm' or  'Fleshgrind ' due to understand that their music not much different from it.

1. Intro
2. Row of Decaying Corpses
3. Enjoy Their Putrid Flesh
4. Proliferation of Larvae
5. Autophagy
6. Ultimate Desolation

Ricardo "Ric"/bass
Nestor "Insane"/Guitars
Eduardo Vilchez "The Axe Murderer"/Vocals, Screams
Sam "Sony" / drums

Release date : April 24th, 2015
Label: Coyote Records
Country:Lima - Peru

Written by: Cerberus and Sigbin
Edit by: Cerberus
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