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'KRATER', Signs with the label 'Eisenwald Tonschmiede' and first song ' Hunger Of Ropes ' from the upcoming album has been published.

Black Metal from Germany, 'Krater', agreed with the label ' Eisenwald Tonschmiede ' for the release of the third full length album, entitled ' Urere ', which is planned to be released early 2016.

Label commented:
''Having witnessed their outstanding live performances and artistic abilities on more than one occasion, we are pleased to welcome the band to our roster and be able to work with them in the future. Their upcoming new record again shifts them to new levels, adding other elements of extreme metal to their sound of sharp and fiery black craft. Their 3rd album (and first on our label) entitled “Urere” is estimated to surface in early 2016.''

Meanwhile, a song titled ' Hunger of Ropes ', taken from the forthcoming album has been published, and can be heard here,  or in several links under this article.

To be honest, this is the first time we heard their music and argue that their music, especially to the song ' Hunger of Ropes ' which recently published, is a harmony of what is called with the intensity of the violence and brutality of the black metal dissonance nuances. We feel a bit of depth of darkness or gloomy of Black metal. However, easily feel the imagination of a culminated curse, inhumanity, and ungodly from black metal riffs they create. 

You may mention Blackened Death for their musical style, as there are several parts of the tempo that offers aggressive riffs of death metal. However, the basic is how all concepts of the inhumanity extreme metal pure and presentable in the song-comfortably in the ears. On the other side, an expression of darkness slightly replaceable with an expression of savagery, blasphemy, condemnation and outrage. In conclusion, as this; '' it's promising much blood to welcome their upcoming ritual. ''


Written and Edit by: Hydra

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