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'LORD IMPALER', Presents the official music video for "Admire The Cosmos Black",taken from 'The Serpent Seal (EP)' 2014.

A black metal band that I respect from Greece, ' Lord Impaler ', presents the first official music video ever created since formed 17 years ago in Kastoria, Macedonia.  Obviously,  Pride to broadcast their video here.

"Admire The Cosmos Black" is a song, which taken from their early works, precisely on promo in 2005.  This song included back into their latest EP, which released last year entitled ' The Serpent Seal ' and consists of four tracks, which taken from three demos , which released in the period of 1999-2005.   

The songs, which titled ' Dying ', which taken from ' The Lord Impaler (1999) ', 'Final Gates' and 'Travel through Abyss', taken from the ' Twilight Wander (2001)'.   While, 'Admire The Cosmos Black ', taken from the ' Promo 2005 '.   'The Serpent Seal ' , mixed at Thrawnsonic Labs and mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kv√•lsvoll between July and November 2014, which released in December 2014.

For me - the concept of black metal that they create is The Rawness of Black Metal composition of the early 90 's , which solid with glory of the harmonic tremolo which beautiful and impressed gloomy.

If last year you missed this album. Try again to hear and find it at this location.
The CD version will be available soon. 
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Written and Edit by: Hydra
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