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MARASMUS - Conjuring Enormity (2015) * Review

In extreme metal civilization - especially death metal, the role of the painter in an album is very important. To be honest, before hearing an album, I always observe and understand the aim of the artist depicts his/her idea into the cover art of the album. The Intelligent musicians are musicians who able to conform their vision with art that displayed in an album.  Adapt with the theme of the lyrics or the musical nuance offered.  Even, adjust the groove or concept of music as a whole in an art. 'Marasmus' from Kansas City - Missouri, US is one of the bands that smart in understanding this principle.   Just look how the painter painted the devil in Minotaur character, which rose from death. Impression of epic and classic comes to mind before hearing the album.  Then, react with rebellious and angry towards for a situation - clearly depicts or offers the intensity of the emotional nuances in the concept of music.   In the meantime, I still have not heard their music and still guess how the concept of their music adjusted with album art displayed.  In addition, the cohesion of the dark colors, such as Brown, black and dark goldenrod increasingly strengthen my guess that, the nuances of the music offered by ' Marasmus ' are the bleak intensity of death metal or classical. After looking at the displayed art, my mind focused to remember to art of the album, which offered by some of the bands, among them; Deicide, Hate eternal, Nile and Morbid Angel - dark, epic, blasphemous and Intense.

The album entitled ' Conjuring Enormity ', was released in digital format independently on 2 October 2015.  Consists of seven tracks and an instrumental ' Deadspeak '. ' Conjuring Enormity ' is the second full length album from the band, Since was formed in 2007. Two songs at the beginning of the album, entitled ' Conjuring Enormity ' and ' Direct Demonic Influence ', easy to feel the classical nuance of the early 90's of Florida death metal style.  Offers aggressiveness of the 90's classic death metal, which recall and impressive. Not to mention, the power of epic and dark nuances, catchy melodies, which sounding from chaotic and blasphemy tempos in every song, which cause I forgot that this time is the year 2016.

Meanwhile, harmonious riffs and grooved, heard in subsequent songs entitled 'Infinite Torture ', 'Post Mortal Possession ', and 'Mutilated Apparition'.   Almost similar to the concept in two previous songs.  However, becomes interesting when I was captivated by the nuances of the massacre offered. In this respect - applause and fascinated to the music compositions created by them. ' Marasmus', indeed intelligent in adjusting the album art with their musical vision, even genius when they are able to adapt the concept of the music with their lyrics. These three songs attest it. Ruthless and vicious in the nuance of massacre cause the imagination of my mind arise, such as this; ''A priest who holding the Scriptures and mumbling when uttered mantras to the demons who are torturing the victims until almost dead.''  

Heard the songs entitled ' Gutting the Orb ' and ' Beyond Death ' - As did not will stop to feeling the nuances of massacre in this album. Still remain consistent, aggressive and intense as the previous songs, cause I did not hesitate with the musicality of the band.

When love this album, you will not hesitate to say that this album is one of the best in this year. However, I'm glad if considers that, the ' Conjuring Enormity ' has been around since 1990 and is a timeless album until now, such as ' Deicide (1990) ', ' Conquering the Throne (1999) ' or ' Altars Of Madness (1989), which recall until now. That sets it apart is just the quality and character of the sound. 

Now, The question is ' where the labels now? ', 'Do they not care anymore with honesty of death metal?', or ' they are busy to collecting money for the trend of Extreme metal for a moment, aren't they? '.

Vocals /Devon Ferrara 
Guitar /Brandon Culligan 
Guitar /Andrew Nagorski 
Drums/Trynt Kelly

Thanks to Clawhammer for Contributed and Support

Written and Edit by Lili
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