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' OMISSION ', publish the official video ' Breakneck Speed Blasphemies ' from their latest album ' The Unholiest of Them '.

Satanicspeed Thrash Metal ' Omission ' through the latest album titled ' The Unholiest of Them ', just present a video clip entitled ' Breakneck Speed Blasphemies '.   Contains the nine tracks-including an intro ' Naive iniquity ' and an instrumental 'Thrash Metal Traller' - this band still consistent with the classical style .  You'll hear nuances of early Venom, Possesed or Sodom album.  Consistency also applied against an energetic music composition, natural, raw vocal characters , and blasphemous - and conclude this album is thrash metal albums that should be note for this year.

A video titled ' Breakneck Speed Blasphemies ' you can watch here.

Omission from Spain, release the fourth full length album ' The Unholiest of Them ' through the label ' Emanes Metal Records ' on September 1, 2015.  If you want to feel their rebellion, you should order now at this location.

1. Naive iniquity (intro)  
2. The Black Flame Shall Burn
3. Iron Will
4. Breakneck Speed Blasphemies
5. Thrash Metal Traller  - instrumental
6. Spiral of Self-Destruction
7. Eve of An End
8. Isolation Marches On
9. What Kind of Person Do You Think I Am?

Patillas/Vocals and Guitars

written and edit by Hydra
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