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'OMNIVOROUS', the new song 'Liturgy Of Dilapidation' from the upcoming début album ' published.

Desire to hear their upcoming début album, a bit noticeable by the presence of a song titled ' Liturgy Of Dilapidation ', which published on November 15th, 2015. While, Following info will be provided here.

'Omnivorous' from Tangerang, Indonesia, through an EP, which released on May 2015, titled ' Age of Maelstorm ', which also soon to be reviewed on this site, offers a harmonic concept of brutal death. The beauty of the grooved and tempo along with vicious riffs, which cause didn't desire to miss every riffs in each song from them. In addition, the composition through the combination of early European and American brutal death - perfectly heard in each song from the album.

Meanwhile, My longing to Disavowed's riff, found on the new song titled ' Liturgy Of Dilapidation'. However, offers it in a way that is rugged, grooved and catchy. My head easily to head banging with this. In the meantime, my imagination concern to the mass killings and Dilapidation of Morality in this world, indelible from my memory.

In a near future, they will perform at an event ' Jampang Underground # 2 '.  Support by attending their performances.  

December 26th,2015 - Lap.Bola Simpati Raya Kp.Jampang (Bogor)

Addo Priawan /Drums
Denny Yurio Andimas / Guitar
Andhika Widia Tama/: Bass
Januaryo Hardy / Vocals

Written and Edit by: Sigbin

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