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' PATHOLOGY ', announced to join back with the Comatose Music for the upcoming album.

I still remember their album, entitled 'Age Of Onset'.   It's Impressive album, at once difficult to forget the riffs from their music until now, even in each song from that album. 'Age of Onset ' is their third full length album, which released by Comatose Music on May 26th, 2009, at once is an album, where I began interested with the musicality of 'Pathology' and not hesitate to say, that ' Age Of Onset' is The best album of the band that I've ever heard for 7 years of the band's career.

The latest news says, that the 'Comatose Music' welcomes them back into their roster for the upcoming album. Surely, It's an expectation to be able to feel their musicality again, such as in 'Age Of Onset'.  In The Meantime, the band is preparing the final stages of writing for the upcoming album, which expected to be released in 2016.

Drummer ' Dave Astor ' says, "We are very happy and excited to be working with Comatose Music again! The label has always been a great supporter of the band through the years. They put out some of the heaviest underground music out there and we are glad to be back on the roster. We are currently finishing up the music and we are excited for everyone to hear the new tunes". More updates to follow in early 2016, stay tuned!''

Dave Astor/ Drums 
Matti Way/ Vocals 
Tim Tiszczenko/ Guitar

Written and Edit by: Cerberus

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