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'PSYCHOTOMY ', First Full-Length album ' Antinomia ' will come on November 30, 2015.

'The Spew Records', Sub label of ' Punishment 18 Records' announced that the first full-length album from Italian death metal ' Psychotomy ', entitled ' Antinomia ' will be released on 30 November 2015.  Since the art is done by ' Mariya Popyk '.

The concept of death metal they create is super catchy, after hearing a few songs from their Ep, entitled ' Transcend the Absolution ', which has been released 3 years ago.  Absolutely entertaining and created for head banging and rebelled, when my brain wish to feel the long-time rebellion of death metal.  In addition to spur the heart when hearing the old-school death metal tempo which offered and ruthless and harmonious riffs, I'm also interested in hearing the sound accuracy which strict, rough and pungent - truly special. The appearance of the female's growl character is another interesting side of this band. I can't say the words again due to all of this will certainly impress in closing this year.

If it's already set, ' Antinomia ' will be composed of 10 tracks and a song from the album has also been published, entitled ' Neglected Entropy ' and can attest it now here. I also included a few songs from their Ep on this site, so you can understand the meaning of an entertaining death metal.

1. Antinomia
2. The Worship of Contempt
3. Reprieve
4. Neglected Entropy
5. The Primeval Inoculation
6. No Guilt No Loss
7. In Dissolution
8. Reticence
9. Epidemic Cerebral Sterility
10. Resurrection

Lory /Guitar and voice
Nene/ Guitar
Marco /Drum

Written by: Sigbin
Edit by: Argos
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