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'REDUCED', Joins to 'New Standard Elite' for the upcoming album

Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia, ' Reduced ' agreed with the label ' New Standard Elite ' for the release of their upcoming album.  Following info will be posted here. 

Necessarily, it becomes a pride for the enthusiast of the brutal death metal in Indonesia and becomes a fresh collection for the brutal head around the world due to they offer a crudity of brutal death and managed to create an expression of inhumanity limitless.

Their first full length album, entitled ' Gradually Executed ', which released by ' Dismembered Records' on July 28th, 2015 offers savagery and inhumanity in meaning the pure concepts of brutal death.  Offers the disharmony riffs and tempos, which cause to love the real concept of brutal death metal. Their music is their rules. The extreme brutality of them are squealing viciousness in my ears.

Meanwhile, You can listen their music for the track 'Vaginal Tearing the Savage Lust' and 'Pleasure of Eating Rotting Bodies' from their first full-length album. 

Vidiant / Drums
Ipung / Guitar
Jabrik / Bass
Bagoez / Vocals

Written and Edit by Argos
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