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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

' REINCARNATION ', came back to release an album since the last time the release of ' Void (1997)'

The latest news from the label ' Xtreem Music ' and the good news for the connoisseur of the brutal death of the 90 's, that the ' Reincarnation ' will release the second full length album, titled ' The Beginning of the End ' on December 1, 2015.

The dissonance of Suffocation, Pyrexia or Internal Bleeding-will be easy to find back on nine tracks including the intro. A song ' Tatooing Soul ' has also been published by the label and you can hear here.

The album cover for 'The Beginning of the End' was painted by genius Jeff Kahn - Skeleton Of God 's vocalist & guitarist , who rarely does artwork for anybody and whilst the production of the album was handled by the band, mastering was made by Dave Rotten at his own Sanctuary Studios

Reincarnation is finishing a video-clip for the opening track 'The Streets Never Sleep' to be premiered in a couple of weeks.

1. Intro
2. The Streets Never Sleep
3. Hell Over Hell
4. The Beginning of the End
5. Reincarnation
6. Tattooing Soul
7. The Reflection of Hate
8. Fuck the System
9. Memories of a Lifetime

Javi /Vocal
Jose / Drums
Juanjo / Bass
Pedro / Guitars
Nico / Guitars

Source: xtreem Music
Written by Hydra, some part written by xtreem music
Edit by: Hydra
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