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'VASTUM', The Third Full-Length 'Hole Below' coming on November 6th 2015

San Francisco Bay Area darkness-obsessed DIY indie label Sentient Ruin Laboratories is extremely proud and honored to announce the release of Hole Below the monstrous third album from Bay Area death metal crushers Vastum.

Vastum should be news to no one at this point. The Bay Area’s infamous doomed-out death metal heathens have been destroying ear drums since 2009, wrecking havoc up and down the west Coast with their barbaric live sets, and releasing two of US-death metal’s most acclaimed records of the last five years: 2011’s merciless Carnal Law and 2013’s tenebrous Patricidal Lust, both released on cult Portland-based shape-shifting metal label 20 Buck Spin

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve been given the honor to release the cassette version of their brand new album, the monstrous full-length opus Hole Below - thirty-eight minutes of punishing and diabolical old school death metal that are surely going to become one of the crowning achievements in 2015 death metal.

Formed by current and past members of Acephalix, Ameber Asylum, Hammers of Misfortune, Gehenna, Saros and Apocryphon, Vastum's blastbeat-less brand of slow and sludgy old school death metal has become one of the Bay Area’s most infamous and barbaric death metal manifestations; a place where ominous perversions, sinister morbidity and visions of violence have wandered off into a hellish dirge of punishing death metal riffs and bone-crushing doom metal heaviness. Destined to be an absolute highlight in 2015 death metal Hole Below is an opus of mesmerizing violence and of fathomless heaviness, and a work which will surely captivate fans of Dead Congregation, Immolation, Incantation, Acephalix, Cruciamentum, Autopsy and Bolt Thrower.

Vastum's Hole Below drops on November 6th as LP, CD and digital on 20 Buck Spin and as a limited edition cassette tape on Sentient Ruin. Cassettes can now be pre-ordered in this location.

Track List:
01. Sodomitic Malevolence
02. Amniosis
03. In sickness and in Death
04. Intrusions
05. Hole Below (A Dream of Ritual Abuse)
06. Empty Breast

Dan - Vocals
Leila - Guitar/Vocals
Luca - Bass
Drums: Adam
Guitar: Shelby

Source and written by: Sentientruin
edit by: Lili

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