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'BIGOT', First Full-Length released in the beginning of 2016 through ' Disfigured Productions ' and front cover art revealed.

We have plenty of time for this, due to the savagery of the disharmony brutal death metal offered by Russian Brutal Death Metal 'BIGOT', that poignant and sick in the ears, which causes the hands easily to write the latest news from them and trace the dissonance in two songs from the promo album that published in 2014.

The latest news from the band's debut album, entitled ' Interrupted Pregnancy ' soon to be released at the beginning of 2016 through labels from Russia ' Disfigured Productions '.  The front cover art of the album has also been published.  You can check it.

Concerning the savageness that offered in the promo 2014, which consists of two tracks, among them ' Bowels full of sperm ' and ' Raped whore in fecal pit ', we receive the composition of the ungodly brutal death metal. The bestiality of blast beats that isolating purity of brutal death metal, although strongly bound with several parts of the grim and devastating slamming. However, we can still feel the real depth of the brutal death metal from them. Not to mention, setting lecherous sound character with offers the depth of the guttural vocals, uniting these songs such as came from repugnant hell for our imagination. 

You can still listen the promo 2014 from them here.

We will marking and looking forward for first full-length album ' Interrupted Pregnancy ' in 2016.

Guitar/ Andrey
Drums / Den
Guttural / Alex
Bass /Vlad

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