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'DEATH VOMIT', confirms the dates and location for a tour of Japan ' Japanese Legacy 2015 / Unlimited Black Air 2015 ' with ' DESECRAVITY '.

Indonesian Brutal Death Metal ' Death Vomit ' and Japanesse Technical Brutal Death Metal ' Desecravity ' , confirm that the event, which called ' Unlimited Black Air 2015 ' will be held on December 12nd -13rd , 2015 in Osaka and Tokyo. The tour will also feature several bands from Japan, among others ' Ega Cotail (Osaka), Gnosis (Osaka) , Quasidiploid (Osaka), ' World End Man (Osaka), Veiyadra (Tokyo), Invictus (Nagano), Slut Needs A Kongamato (Niigata) and Desiccate (Kanagawa).

Here is the schedule:
Open 16:30 / start 17:00
Tickets: 2800 Yen (advance) / 3300 Yen (same day)

Death vomit 
Ega Cotail (
Gnosis  ( /Homepage)
Death vomit
Desiccate (Facebook)
Slut Needs A Kongamato (
Invictus ( Facebook )


Formed in mid 1995, Death Vomit wrote their own death metal material and released a few demos including Spirit of Blasphemy (1998) and Eternally Deprecated (1999). The later was self released via Demented Mind Records, and then was re-released in 2002 under Extreme Souls Production.

In August 2006, debut album The Prophecy was released through Rottrevore Records.

The band released Flames of Hate DVD in 2009. It was the first death metal DVD in Indonesia. Following this release Death Vomit played on stage with Behemoth and Psycroptic in Indonesia.

The band's latest release is Forging a Legacy. This album was released in two different formats, CD and cassette. It was released in August 2014 (CD) and September 2014 (cassette).  Then, 'Obscure Musick (US)' re-issue this album and released on December 4th,2015.

Desecravity was formed in 2007 by Yuichi, and then began playing shows in the summer of 2008. In 2009, Desecravity was able to tour the Philippines as a headliner. It was very successful and led to another opportunity of performing with Exodus and Dying Fetus at the Painkiller Metal Festival in Beijing, China.

In 2010, they started recording their first full-length album “Implicit Obedience” which mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal,ex-Morbid Angel) at MANA Recording Studios in Florida, and then, Desecravity signed with Willowtip Records(USA) in 2011.

In Jan.2012, finally long-awaited their first full-length album was released via Willowtip Records. It has been highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also in United States and Europe. Then,from spring to summer, they did 'Implicit Obedience' released tour “IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE ASIA TOUR” and “IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE JAPAN TOUR”.

In Feb.2013, toured in Japan with Aborted, and toured in Europe as a headliner.
In Nov.2014, their second full-length album “Orphic Signs” was released via Willowtip Records(USA) and did Japan tour in Dec. The one of the tour dates, 'Desecravity' presented an extreme music event “Unlimited Black Air 2014 in Tokyo and Osaka.

Written And Edit by: Hydra
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