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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'DECAYING PURITY', emphasize the brutality at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 for the first time.

Exoticness belongs to Obscene Extreme Festival of old. So come to see a proper butchers' show from Istanbul performed by a brutal death foursome called 'Decaying Purity'.  

Established in 2005 and after an irradiation by Florida death metal, United States death-grind and European brutal death metal, the band materialized all the influences into a single disgusting complex represented by their debut album "Phases Of Dimensional
 Torture" born by the Spanish label Grotesque Records in 2008.

Later on they spat 'The Existence Of
Infinite Agony (2011)' and 'Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls 
(2014)' under the flag of Sevared Records from the United States. They will be carving on the boards of Obscene Extreme festival the first time. Let their riffs to blow you away!!!

Yunus - Vocal
Mustafa - Guitar
Alican - Bass
Onur - Drums

Source and Written by: Obscene Extreme Festival
Edit by Cerberus

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