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'EMBEDDED ', announces release date, track list and cover art for the fourth full length album ' Bludgeoning '

Brutal Death Metal from Germany 'Embedded' tells that, the fourth full length album entitled ' Bludgeoning ' will be released by ' Apostacy Records' on January 29th,2016.  In the meantime, the album's artwork has designed by 'Vortex Arts '.   

However, Before that, their previous album titled ' Beyond the Flesh ', which released by the label ' Delicious Bowels Agency ' on May 18th, 2009, interest to be heard below.

In addition, 'Bludgeoning' consists of eight tracks , which produced again by Jörg Uken (Despondency, Fearer, Obscenity, God Dethroned ....) at his studio 'Soundlodge'.

When I just heard their music for the first time. I have an impression of their music , such as this:
''At the time when the composition of the elderly of death metal which offered no longer becomes something special, it will be led to the exploration to create brutality and ruthlessness become conveniences, which also cause an enthusiastic in welcoming lots of nuances from their music.''

Track List
1. Quadruple Corpse Horror
2. Murder-Suicide
3. Cleansed By Fire
4. Dawn Of My Being
5. Edenblaze
6. Grinding The Bones
7. Time Has Come
8. Bowed

Written and Edit by Argos
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