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'GORE INFAMOUS', Latest single ' Bacterium Cerebrum Infectus ' published.

News came from Indonesia, where Uterine Disharmony Brutal Death Metal, 'Gore Infamous', recently released a single, entitled ' Bacterium Cerebrum Infectus '. You can listen here.  Meanwhile, the front cover art designed by Sidjimbe Art.  This song recorded and mixed at Flyingpaper studio ' and Funhouse Studios (Drum recording).  

This is the second time I heard a composition such as this and only from this band, the first time heard it on 'Cadaver in Methodical Overture (EP) ', which released by 'New Standard Elite' on October 1st, 2012.  The reason that cause I interested in their music is consistency and their way play brutal death metal. Intense from beginning to end by offering the savagery of the blast and hyper beats. Meanwhile, without compromise in affirm the purity of sick brutal death metal.

No doubt for the quality of their music, especially to the honesty of Brutal death metal offered.   While, amazed and fascinated when easily feel the nuances of nefarious when hearing their songs, including this latest single.

Who cares to the disharmony brutal? who cares with easement from the purity of the sickest brutal death metal? Who cares with the feel of an abomination? and who cares with proof of authenticity extreme brutal death metal?. Just to make sure you follow and support, when needed, carving the band's name on the wall of your home!

dra /vocal 
egie / guitar 
budi/ bass
wawan / drum

Written and Edit by : Cerberus
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