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'INSISION ', New song ' Shapeshifting ' from the upcoming album published.

'Terminal Reckoning' is the fourth full length album title of brutal death metal from Sweden ' Insision ', which soon to be released by ' Sevared Records '. Not confirmed release date.   However, they have published a song called ' Shapeshifting ' and can be heard here.  Meanwhile, for album art, done by ' Andreas Marschall ' and ' Fredrik Lindgren' for Booklets cover.  The album will released on January 1st,2015.

What's your favorite Album?. No need to choose due to of all albums from them offer depth overtones of brutality which expected. Purely from the atrocities of the American old-school brutal death metal style.   Not to mention incision of memorable melodies that affects the eyes can not close due to the brain continues to imagine the pain of the composition of the rapid and crudity of brutal death metal offered.

Experience the change of three members of the band, among them 'Joel Andersson (Bass)' replaced by 'Gustav Trodin' (Flesh Throne, Vomitous)'.   On drums, 'Ibrahim StrÃ¥hlman (Ascendancy, Division Vansinne)' replaces 'Marcus Jonsson' in 2014.  Meanwhile,  the Guitarist, ' Adam Ramis ', who first became a member of the band in 2012 replace 'Magnus Martinsson'.  I assume , with composed of five members in the band, they will back to offer the brutality, such as their albums; 'Beneath the Folds of Flesh (2002)' or 'Revealed and Worshipped (2004)'

Indeed worth the wait how their music on this album.  However, after I listen to a song that published recently. entitled ' Shapesshifting '. The fact is I'm still finding the composition of the brutal death metal albums, such as ' Beneath the Folds of Flesh ' or ' Revealed and Worshipped '. Easily to find their characters in that song.  In addition, the purity of American brutal death metal style with beautiful melodies which impressive in memory remain consistent since the band publishes this song.

A collector must understand this side.  Remain consistent with the style of music that typical of them since formed in 1997 , which becomes the notable point.  Meanwhile, for the connoisseur of classic death metal, this band should be a consideration for you. Behind it all, this recommendation not merely to compare their music on each album.   However, Every album which released have varying nuances of brutality and surely impressive. As proof, you can compare it with the album ' Icon (2007) ' or latest Ep 'End Of All (2011)', which one of them deliberately published here.

Vocals: Carl
Guitar: Rogga
Drums: Ibrahim
Bass: Gustav
Guitar: Adam

1.Among Us
2.Ominious Spiral
5.Old Ways
6.Cold Air

Press Zone by Hicham Haddaji and

Blackened Media and Promotion
Cover by Andreas Marschall
Booklet/Cover edit by Fredrik Lindgren

Written and Edit by :Argos

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