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' OMOPHAGIA', Confirms the 2016 European tour along with ' Morgoth, Incantation and Darkrise ' and will announce the release date for the upcoming album on tour.

Technical Death Metal from Switzerland, 'Omophagia', asserts that, they participated in the 2016 European tour, who organized by ' The Flamming Art Agency ' along with Morgoth, Incantation, and Darkrise on April 12nd -23rd,2016.  This tour will also be the release of their upcoming album.

You can see the tour schedule through the banner below.

We are following this development and will post the release date of the album here. 

In the meantime, you can listen to their previous album, entitled ' Guilt by Nescience '.

Beni: Vocals 
Henrique: Rhythm Guitar 
Mischa: Lead Guitar 
Rafahell: Bass and Backin' Vocals 
Wild: Drums

Source: Omophagia Facebook
written and edit by: cerberus
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