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'PAGANIZER', confirms the Upcoming EP set to released in early 2016 through 'Transcending Obscurity'.

Swedish Old-School Death Metal 'Paganizer' , who still consistently offers rebellion in each album and always delivers catchy riffs and classic nuances will release their following EP through 'Transcending Obscurity'.  

I'm fond of their latest EP, entitled ' Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell) (2013) ' that has rough and natural sound.  While, the album ' World Lobotomy (2013) ' return offers elderly nuances of thrash riffs that I've ever found on the album ' Promoting Total Death (2001)' , which aggressive and impressive in the ears. 

In addition, I also have the album ' Deadbanger (1999)', which difficult found now. I still store this album and feel lucky to have it due to after this album, their music become different completely. 'Deadbanger (1999)' is an album which phenomenal, due to I assume that the nuance of the music which they offer in their following album begins from this album, which classical and rebellious. 

The latest news which I receive from my colleague ' Kunal ' from 'Transcending Obscurity ' confirms that the label will be releasing their upcoming EP, entitled ' On the Outskirts of Hades ' in early 2016.

Here is the comments from ' Kunal ' (Transcending Obscurity label head) about this release.
''I’m a huge fan of 'Rogga Johansson' and his impossibly solid death metal music, and Paganizer happens to be his main band. Having most of the extensive 'Paganizer ' discography in my personal collection, it’s with great honour that I hereby announce the release of the band’s next output titled ‘On the Outskirts of Hades’ on the main Transcending Obscurity label.”

And frontman, ' Rogga Johansson ' also commented:
''We are very excited to release a minicd with 'Kunal' and 'Transcending Obscurity ' early in 2016. There will be four new songs which are some of the coolest stuff we’ve done in a long time, and as special bonus there will also be a full gig on the CD too, recorded last year in Stockholm, Sweden. So be prepared for 2016, to be ripped apart and devoured 'ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF HADES!”

Here is their latest Promo ' Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell) (2013) ' .  

Rogga Johansson / Guitars, Vocals
Dennis Blomberg / Lead Guitars
Matte Fiebig / Drums
Martin / Bas

Written And Edit by : Hydra
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