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'SACRAMENTAL BLOOD', finally the first full-length album ' Ternion Demonarchy ' will be released by ' Ghastly Music ' in early 2016.

I mention the word ' Finally ' in the title above, due to continue to follow the development of the music of this band, since I wrote an article which deals with a song, which entitled ' Destroy of Thought and Form ' last year and I forget exactly when.  It was the song, which included for their full-length album 'Ternion Demonarchy', which set to be released by a Sub label of Amputated Vein (Japan), namely ' Ghastly Music '.   'Ternion Demonarchy' was mixed and mastered in Rome at 16th Cellar Studio by Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance,Obscenity, Hideous Divinity, Beheaded...)

' Sacramental Blood ' is a Death Metal Band from Belgrade, Serbia. Formed in 2002 and long enough to produce a full album. Two demos and Split albums, among others: Inception Ceremony (Demo 2004) and ' The Second Death (Demo 2011), while the Split album along with ' Ophiolatry ' was released in 2006 and the latest ' Triple a Death Treat ' along with 'Heretical Guilt' was released by Darzamadicus Records ' in 2013.  The question that arises in my brain is ' Will all the songs on the demo were incorporated into their first full length album?. I would wait and continue to observe the development of the news from the band and definitely will be published in this media.

I loved how they played death metal and mentioned in my last article, that the band offers the skeleton of early death metal 90 's. Not only offers the classic feels of early death metal's 90's. However, offers the basis for a character of early death metal 90's which conceited with aggressive compositions, rapid tempos, and impressive riffs also remembering.

I would argue that, a classy label such as 'Amputated Vein' through their sub label ' Ghastly Music ' deserving incorporating them into their roster that have had the quality brutal death bands and satisfaction guarantee. 

How about you?, Is your brain still embedded the principle for glorifying death metal 90's?. If We have the same principle, necessarily  'Ternion Demonarchy' is an album that should be remembered and awaited in 2016.

Srdjan Todorovic / vocals, guitars
Milan Dobrosavljevic /guitars
Ivan Petrovic / drums


Written And Edit by: Argos

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