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'THRONE OF HERESY' , Announces their sophomore album 'Antioch' and Official Video Lyric published,

Swedish death metal act 'Throne of Heresy' unleash their sophomore album 'Antioch'. 

A blackened piece of death metal art and a stylistic triumph for the band.  Featuring members of 'Abscession', 'King of Asgard 'and 'Ceremonial Execution',  Throne of Heresy are no strangers to the world of extreme metal. 

The album was written over a period of two years, each song painstakingly arranged to deliver the full impact expected from the Swedish death metal canon.   'Antioch' was recorded and produced by none other than Magnus ”Devo” Andersson (Marduk, Pain) in Endarker Studios. 

Since their beginning in 2009 they have been named ”unsigned band of the month” in acclaimed metal zine Close-up, ”band of the week” at Metal Central, ”On the Spot” in Metal Exposure and received a lot of great press and reviews worldwide.

Antioch will be released by The Sign Records on CD and vinyl on February 12, 2016.  Following the release, Throne of Heresy plan to tour extensively throughout Scandinavia and Europe (live dates to be released soon).

Thomas Clifford - vocals
Tomas Göransson - guitars
Michael Edström - guitars
Björn Ahlqvist - bass
Mathias Westman - drums

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