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AN INTERVIEW: ' BRADI CEREBRI ECTOMIA' talks about the upcoming album ' Threads Of Desperation'.

Goregrind, ' Bradi Cerebri Ectomia ' from Belarus will release the second full length album entitled ' Threads Of Desperation ' through ' Pathologically Explicit Recordings '.  There are some questions to them ( Alexey and Vasily) relating to the album and well done by ' Argos '.     Please note.

ARGOS:  ''I will not spend your time , because I knew the band was busy preparing for the release of the album.   I have six questions relating to the album,  which will be released later.

However, before talking in depth concerning the composition of the album, it's better, if you introduce to us and our readers about the history of the band and what the meaning of the name ' Bradi Cerebri Ectomia ' for you?''

ALEKSEY (vocals): ''Hi Argos! First of all - thanks a lot for your interest and support to our band, we highly appreciate it, thanks man.''

''The band was founded in 2008 by several friends in Gomel city, Belarus. Our music represents a new wave of goregrind with elements of groove, grindcore and death metal. We have released our first demo in 2009, followed by several line-up changes. 

In 2013, we have recorded our first full-length album, named "Supreme Heterozis". It was released by well-known underground label Bizarre Leprous.  Two years later, in 2015, we have recorded our second album, named "Threads of Desperation", which will be released by Pathologically Explicit Recordings in 2016.''

' Bradi Cerebri Ectomia ' is Latin conception, that means "slow ablation of brain" .

ARGOS: Personally, I follow the development of your music and have CD for the album ' Super Heterozis (2013)'. This album made to love Goregrind.   Hearing this album, I could enjoyed the balance of death metal, Grindcore, and Gore in each song, and  hear thrash elements in several riffs that you created, I'm smiling while dancing due to it all.  

My question, before I buy your second full-length album later,  Whether the composition of the music such as this can be found again in the album 'Threads of Desperation' later? Please explain in detail.

VASILY (bass/vox): '' You can still hear same old tunes and vibes in our second release, but also our second album became faster, more complex and meaner. We've also focused more on atmosphere - cause we want this album to be more like immersion and some kind of journey for you to our world. ''

ALEKSEY (vocals): ''Also we have diversified vocal parts. By the way now there are 2 vocals.''

ARGOS : ''A bit regarding the quality of sound mixing., I have heard two songs which have been published, titled ' Cerebrospinal Fluid Cocktail ' and ' Bradycardia ' and I sense, they have better sound quality than the previous album. ''

''Who set the mixing of the album? How long this process is done?, and your opinion, what the character of sounds or elements that would offered in the latest album later?''

ALEKSEY (Vocals) : ''The album was mixed by Russian guys from White Box Studio. It took about 1 month. ''

VASILY (bass/vox):'' We want our second album to be more bright and punchy, so we not only changed our sound by mixing, but we also changed tuning on this album to D - to achieve more distinct and sharp sounding riffs.''

ARGOS: ''I read the news from the label ' Pathologically Explicit Recordings ' that, 'Threads of Desperation' will release in late February/Early March. ''

Whether any clarity for the release date?,  How many songs will be published on this album? and in what format?

ALEKSEY (vocals): ''The album will be released in early March. Right now I don't have more exact info. The album will include 15 tracks.''

VASILY (bass/vox): ''Both CD and Digipack versions will be avaliable.''

ARGOS: '' I am a collector, and always would to understand for the theme of the lyrics written, before I heard the album. ''

What the theme of the lyrics on the new album later?

ALEKSEY (vocals): ''Interesting question .  Our conception and lyrics is about humanity diseases, psychical deflections and maniacal disorders.''

VASILY (bass/vox): We focus on it while writing riffs, intros, lyrics and cover artworks.

ARGOS : ''An art of front cover has been published, this art designed by ' Remi C. (Headsplit Design) '.  I observe it repeatedly and found deep meanings contained from the art that comes in my mind. ''

Is there any collaboration between the band and Remi C in creating the art?, and what message conveyed when looking at Art?

VASILY (bass/vox): Eahh, we work with Remy for the second time. And really enjoy working with him. We were very pleased with his first art for us for our t-shirts so we decided to continue our collaboration.

ALEKSEY (vocals): On the cover you can find a man who is trying to break the threads and those threads are the only thing that is retaining him from becoming sick maniac. Remy made an excellent work - and paint exactly what we want it to be.

ARGOS : ''I have been long in the development of the extreme metal music and always follow what the mission of each band through their albums. ''

And this time, I would like to know, what mission which to be accomplished and revealed in the latest album later?

VASILY (bass/vox): Since last album we've changed half of bands members. There were some continuous troubles with drummers so this album is our long awaited one. It is more like declaration to the world and to ourselves that we made it and everything is possible if you work on it.

ALEKSEY (vocals): Thanks for your questions. Hope everyone will enjoy our work. Keep it GRIND! 

Interviews started on January 5th, 2016 and finished on January 9th,2016

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