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'CORPORATE DEATH', publish a single ' Ignorance Prevails '.

Death metal from Sau Paulo, Brazil,  ' Corporate Death ' has just published new single entitled ' Ignorance Prevail ', which will also be included in the upcoming third album. This song is also the first recording made by vocals 'Aline Lodi (Exhortation)'.  

Indeed the character of vocals is absolutely decisive for the atmosphere of the music created.  I am not touch concerning the composition of the music, due to they have consistently since the album ' Terminate Existence (2008) '.   Intense with the composition of early death metal, which aggressive, pungent and uncompromising.  Meanwhile, The Presence of raw character and natural growl of ' Aline Lodi ' increasingly reinforce the existence of the elderly death metal framework, and now, increasingly demonic.  I feel the atmosphere of despotic, when hearing a balanced mix between natural growling with the composition of death metal bones.

I have not observe the latest news regarding their third full length album, I'm waiting for it.   However, basically, I have provided a place on the shelf of my album collection for their third album.

'Corporate Death ' was formed in 2001 and have had two full-length album, among them,' Terminate Existence (2008) ', ' Angels & Worms (2013).  The band also changed several members in each album.  Their last album , ' Angels & Worms (2013) ' , composed by 'Damien Mendonça (Guitars, Bass), ' Flávio Ribeiro (Vocals) ' and ' Rafael Cau (Drums) '.  While for the upcoming, composed by ' Damien Mendonça (Guitars, Bass), ' Rafael Cau (Drums) ' and 'Aline Lodi ' (Vocals).

Written/Edit by Cerberus

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