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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'CORPROPHEMIA', New song taken from the upcoming album 'Abhorrogenesis' published .

Not yet finished feel the poignancy from the needles of technical riffs created by ' Deformatory ', now, my face pounded harshly through the abusive riffs of brutal death metal from the ' Corprophemia ', a band that also comes from Ontario, Canada through a song entitled 'Hour of The Witch ' from the upcoming album ' Abhorrogenesis ', which will be released in March 2016 through CDN records.   Meanwhile, 'Corprophemia' entrust again to 'Tony Koehl' in designing their album art.

You should know that ' Corprophemia ' is not a newcomer to the civilization of extreme metal. The first album, entitled ' Arrived in Peace (2007) ' in CD format is still saved neatly on the rack of my album collection.  That album is phenomenal in that year and still natural of bestiality form of brutal death metal frame, uncompromising and truly nuanced. In addition, the album also has a varied musical composition such as Technical, slam and grind. And I also have no doubt mention the album is one of the unique and catchy in that year.

And a surprise to me knowing that, they come back bring the wrath from the longtime expression in a song, entitled 'Hour of The Witch ', taken from the second full length album titled ' Abhorrogenesis '. Different with the songs on the previous album, this time, 'Hour of The Witch ' offers the purity of the disgusting elements of elderly brutal death metal.   Not to mention, the character of the rough growl from vocals ' Matt Kelly' (I know recently) proves increasingly intense in offering the concept of pure brutal death metal. However, whether all songs on the upcoming album has a concept such as this?. I'm curious, and if you're curious, let's pay attention and look forward to the album while still supporting what they do in the civilization of the extreme metal music.

Vocals - Matt Kelly
Guitar - Franky D'Alimonte
Guitar - Mat Lemmon
Drums - John Bellon

Written and Edit by Argos
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