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'CREEPING FLESH ', Presents an official video titled ' Terrorize ', taken from the latest Ep ' Rising Terror '

Death Metal from Sweden, 'Creeping Flesh ' has published an official video entitled ' Terrorize ', taken from the latest EP, titled ' Rising Terror '. and can be watched here.

'Rising Terror' consists of five tracks, recorded by ' Johan Ericson ' in ' Dead Dog Farm Studio', Säffle, Sweden. The album art was designed by ' William Persson Öberg'.  'Rising Terror' has been released on April 18th.2015 Independently.

'Rising Terror', absolutely offers the glory of old-school death metal with the aggression of thrash elements, which beautiful, striking and rebelled. Meanwhile, when hearing the keen riffs which created, The songs are titled ' Terrorize ', ' Kill Count ' or ' Fields of Rotting Flesh ' is indeed persuaded to remain seated and silent in observing a balancing proportion of rapid tempo, mid-tempo, and slow.  What was created by the ' Creeping Flesh ' through Ep ' Rising Terror ' has already demonstrated an adrenaline rush from the rebellion which has been awakened when hearing the riffs, tempo and groove.

1. Airborne
2. Terrorize
3. Essence of Evil
4. Kill Count
5. Fields of Rotting Flesh

Written and edit by HYDRA
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