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' DEFORMATORY ', new song 'Apotheosis' - Playthrough Video', taken from the latest album 'Malediction' published.

Technical brutal from Ottawa, Canada ' Deformatory ' announced that their latest album (the second full length), entitled ' Malediction ' will be released on February 5th, 2016 through CDN Records. The label has opened the pre-order for the album at this location.

A song titled ' Apotheosis ', taken from the 6th track, and has been published recently in the form of Playthrough Video, and can be watched here.

I've heard their previous album, entitled ' In the Wake of Pestilence (2013) ',  and presume that, this album is an album that sick in the ears, which offers the strength of chaotic disharmony technical modernization, which predacious and insanity.  However, there are some songs that are still espousing the elderly brutal death metal concept, such as 'Insurgence', 'This Deafening Silence', or 'Remnants of Decimation'.   

It should be proud due to their tendency in offering a balance of a fusion concept between elderly and modernization brutal death metal exist in every song .  Not to mention, the aura of dark from the sound character being offered, increasingly emphasize that, the concept of music such as this, is excited to be heard.

What concerns to the composition on the latest album 'Malediction'?. I haven't heard all songs in this album entirely. However, it seems not much different with ' In the Wake of Pestilence (2013 '. 'Apotheosis' still provides the dissonance of chaotic technical, even increasingly ferocious. In the meantime, remain consistent in the balance of the composition of modern elements and elderly brutal, which convenient, powerful and barbaric.   Broadly speaking, the composition that created by them convinced me that, a band that is still consistent with their music in each album is a reference that, their albums deserved to be collected.

'Malediction' consists of eight tracks, which recorded, mixed and mastered by 'Dan Rogers (The Frost Audio)'. Album art has been designed by 'Jon Zig'. And previously. the band has published a song, entitled ' Infernal Gateway ', and can also be heard here.

1. Infernal Gateway
2. Dimensions of Malevolence  
3. Obsequium  
4. Eviscerated Requiem  
5. A Hideous Veneration  
6. Apotheosis  
7. Oracles of Perdition  
8. Aphotic Existence

written and edit by Argos
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