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'FLESHGORE', New song ' Inception of Incursion "from the fifth full album + front cover of the album unfolds.

Looking closely at what the message of an art that delivered by brutal death from Ukraine, ' Fleshgore ', in the fifth full-length album entitled ' Denial Of The Scriptures ' caused so much imagination in my mind.  Art designed by 'Seeming Watcher ' , so spectacular and phenomenal.  From the art displayed, I could find a blend of classic and modern style. I assume and suppose that ' Fleshgore ' will offer a mix of Classic and Modern Brutal Death Metal, yet the longtime expression of brutal death metal would be still appear. In the meantime, when I observe a mixture of colors, and compare it to previous albums, I assume that the band will attempt new ideas in the concept of their music.

I haven't heard all of the songs on this album.  However, a song that has been published entitled ' Inception of Incursion ' attract the attention, due to not find the concept such as this on their previous album. Precise and clear in offering a balance of groove death metal classic and modern composition.  Meanwhile, seem feral and chaotic when heard the blast and devilish riffs which cause that, this is truly mutiny brutal death metal. Not to mention, the accuracy of the tempo and depth of technical and brutal dissonance, increasingly clear that, 'Inception Incursion' provides the evidence for something new of the iniquity of brutal death metal they have ever created.  I loved the concept of the song, and represents my desire to back collecting their works that once remembered when heard and own the album  ' May God Strike Me Dead (2006) '.  However, this time will be beast and severe.

' Xtreem Music ' has been confirmed that, the album will released on 19 February 2016, and I won't miss it due to this is the right moment where I eager to feel the new atmosphere, new concept and new ideas from them.

01. Talk to Me About God
02. Inception of Incursion
03. Stop the Possessor
04. Killing Relapse
05. Forgotten Knowledge
06. Bloody Hands of Aggressor
07. New Ordeal Comes Into the World
08. Numinosum
09. Denial of the Scriptures
10. Gorging on Mucus and Bile (Pyaemia cover)


Written and Edit  by: Sigbin

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