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'MURDER WORSHIP', The new song from the Upcoming EP published

Brutal Death Metal from Colombia, ' Murder Worship ' will release the EP, entitled ' Misleaders of Humanity ', after three years ago, they also released an Ep entitled ' Macabre and Sick acts' independently.  However, this time with a great concept, the label ' Swallow Vomit Productions ' of ' Thailand ' will be released this EP on January 16th , 2015 in CD format.  The art of  'Misleaders of Humanity ' designed by ' Sebastian Pulido '.   

A song titled ' Beyond The Cosmic Barrier ' has been published, and can be heard here.

Concerning the inhumanity in offering pure brutal death metal compositions with the incision of rapidity riffs, barbaric, and without compromise, such as being in other dimensions, which dark, and just hear the screams of agony from a hellish depravity. the new song that has been published recently, provides the existence of a long-time purity of brutal death metal, which offers the blasphemous grooves and tempos, and dark elements of the scary atmosphere.

When feel the atmosphere of infamy of the song repeatedly, appear much imagination about hell in my mind.  The riffs that they created, led me to the corner of the Hell, where I was looking a man, whose body was rotten, decapitating and holding it to be inserted into the well which there is full of pus and blood foul.

' Murder Worship ' formed in Bogotá, Colombia in 2009, and has released a demo entitled ' Human Organs (2009) ' and  Macabre and Sick Acts (Ep 2013).   Now, the band is composed of ' Estiven Peña (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), 'Wilson Perdomo (Lead Guitar and Bass) and 'Camilo Moreno (Session Drummer)'.

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