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' PSYCHOBOLIA ', presents a Video taken from the upcoming album

After 'Michaël Bernadat (bass)' joins, 'Psychobolia' returns to preparing the release of their upcoming album. A song entitled ' Full Bloom ' from the upcoming album has been presented. The song is taken from their shows in Paris on January 17th, 2016.   You must watch it here.

'Psychobolia' from France, has been getting the positive response to their second full length album titled ' Delightful Carnage ' in 2013.  This album also marks the first appearance of vocals ' Ginger ' in the band, who join in 2012.  The band promoted the album on a European tour along Disgorge, Beheaded and Internal Bleeding. 

Meanwhile, I deliberately present a music video entitled ' Carnage ', which taken from the album 'Delightful Carnaged' to recall the brutal domination of them.

Brutal domination with the descent of dissonant riffs and chaotic rapidity mercilessly that ever I heard on the album ' Delightful Carnage ' back sounding on their new song.  Meanwhile, the raw melodic grooves and vicious blast shown, increasingly induce the poignant in the chest and provoke the mind to banging the head against the wall with full spreadable of pus and blood. This song is truly for decaying the wound, and increasing ripped when I'm eager to own their upcoming albums later. I'm waiting for this outrage.

Ginger /vocals
Buru / Guitars
Gogo / Drums
Michael /Bass
Psychobolia Facebook:
YouTube Channel

Written and Edit by Cerberus
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