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'SORCERY', Entered the studio to record new album

Swedish Death Metal,  'Sorcery', who recently re-inked a new deal with Xtreem Music, has just entered the studio to record a new album!

The Third full length Album will be titled 'Garden of Bones',  and it's being registered at Dark Production Studios with Jonsson as producer. This new album means a natural progression from their acclaimed 2013's 'Arrival at Six'  and cover artwork will be handled this time by the always awesome , Juanjo Castellano.

There's been some member changes in 'Sorcery', since their last album, so the current line-up is formed by:

Ola Malmström - vocals
Paul Johansson - guitar
Jacob Wiberg - bass
Emil Berglin - drums
Johan Vikholm - guitar 

Release date for "Garden of Bones" will happen during May 2016 and the label has cover artwork and advance track as soon as possible, and reveal it along with a definite release date for this album. 

Metalbleedingcorp will observe it and tell to you this upcoming information.

Written by: Xtreem Music
Edit by: Lili

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