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'BEEF CONSPIRACY', New song from their upcoming debut album published

Shit, while I'm enjoying and hear the rhythms of the brutal death metal albums collection in my room, inadvertently discovered an information from ' Pathologically Explicit Recordings ' which publishes a brutal grind band from London, named ' Beef Conspiracy '.  I just knew them, and I'm so stupid due to not knew this band, even though the band has been formed since 1998.  And 18 years career, finally they released their first full-length album, titled ' A Jigsaw of A Flock of Geese '. This is a resurrection, after the release of the mini album entitled ' Hung, Drawn and Quarter Poundered' in 2004 through ' Grindethic Records'.

A song that has been published, entitled ' Dismemberment Of A Haemophiliac ', pause to hear the brutal death metal style, which grooved and neat, even grind style that rotten.  However, I found the set of unusual grind groove and dissonance of the perish brutal death in the 90 's era, which makes a disharmony indefinitely. On the other side, I got a feel of gore comprehensive in tempo. According to my opinion, when I heard the evil blast mercilessly and the composition of crudity brutal death with the dissonance of ruckus grind, Beef Conspiracy created a style of gore grind that rarely heard, since the rottenness of ' Reek of Putrefaction ', in fact it's aggressive and varied.   The listener will have different opinions with me concerning the character of their music. However, how a listener responding an idea from them is the most important.

Pathologically Explicit Recordings ' will release this album in the months between April and May. Stay tuned!

Beef Finder McGeneral - drums
Carlos McPablo - vocals
Chuffy McFlannelslap - guitar
Dirty Bertie McSkeletor - guitar/vocals
Jamboree McBigFun - bass

Written and Edit by Cerberus

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