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' BRAIN DAMAGE' Signs with Rottrevore Records for Release the album + Review of Promo 2015

Good news for the enthusiast of the Brutal Death Metal worldwide, due to I found one that sick from Indonesia, "Brain Damage", who has agreed with the label from Indonesia and USA ,' Rottrevore Records ' , for released the album. 

Sixteen years have been formed,  and I assume that, the band has been inappropriate to release the First full-length album due to already familiar how the way to create a brutal dissonance that forced the emergence of torture imaginations indefinitely.  However, This time with New formation and New Moment.  Meanwhile, In 2015, They create a promo that consists of the two songs which released by the label from Thailand, ' Brute! Productions' on December 13, 2015.   Therefore, I have the spare time to reviewing this promo.

It would be better if both hands tied with rusty wire and placed on the table that has been greased with pus that had been rotting before heard two songs in this promo. Why do I should do it? , due to I would be silent in feeling the poignancy while smelling the stench of rotten from the brutal concept offered and absolutely impeccable due to the concept that created offers the domination of a depth of rotten brutal death metal. In the meantime, heard the disharmony through the nasty blast and abusive riffs mercilessly impressed such as rend the ears with the scissors that have been corroded, which cause this pain is difficult to forget.

Two songs titled 'Putrid Guttural Infection ' and ' Gorging on the Rotted Flesh', demonstrate how the purity of brutal death metal uncovers an imagination concerning the suffering and torture rapidly. Just hearing a song that has a duration of approximately two minutes, my mind already fixed in a hole that had been dug to pieces of the body. If later they have the longer durations, so my imagination will be easily focused on a bloody torture operation. And for the reason, I will wait for the upcoming album from them.

Guitar / pippen
Bass / Catur
Drum / Jhibat
Vocal / Hembing



Written And Edit By : Apollo
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