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' CATARRHAL ', confirms that all songs on the EP ' Beyond Onirism (2004) ' included in the reissue of ' Fleshgrave ' through ' Great Dane Records ' + Brief Review

A noteworthy information I found from the label that comes from French ' Great Dane Records ', that, the label has been reissued the second studio album from Belgian Brutal Death, 'Catarrhal', entitled ' Fleshgrave '.   An interesting information for the enthusiast of old ways of brutal death metal in the world. In addition to the ten songs of the ' Fleshgrave ', labels and Catarrhal also confirmed that there were five tracks from the demo 2004, ' Beyond Onirism ', which included in reissuing the album of Fleshgrave .   Surely, this is a madness and satisfaction to be able to have their first works, which juxtaposed with the best album ever created by them so far.  'Great Dane Records' has been released this album on Janury 28th,2016 in digipack.  While, the cover art designed by 'Mark Riddick'.

The pride of old-school brutal death created, through neatly correlation of murky riffs and dark beats, blasphemous and easily to achieve a peak condition of gloomy.   Not to mention, the grooved melodic offered, along the composition of the 90s Death metal that dominated all songs in this album generate few feel, such as Moodiness and distressing, darkness and gloom, along decay and devastation.

Though built from a rotten death metal composition that impressed the dark and grim, which I found in all songs on the album ' Fleshgrave '. However, the songs, such as ' Funeral Larval ', Disinter ' and ' Grimson Rapture', evoke the impression of aggressive and strike. When I hear these songs, there is the impression created by my mind that, songs that was originally built by the grim atmosphere become a condition of rebellious, angry and strike, and it was done when hearing these songs repeatedly, you can definitely feel it.

I love the songs, such as ' Funeral Larval ', ' Disinter ' and ' Grimson Rapture ', due to these songs give a balanced proportion between the murkiness and outrage. However, I assume, if all songs on the 'Fleshgrave' be heard only once will emerge the gloomy and dark atmosphere, yet not to these songs. Meanwhile, 'Beyond Onirism (demo 2014)' indeed enhance the perfection of this album.

' Fleshgrave (2013) ' will be impressed dark when heard it only once, but not for their demo, due to when hear five songs on the album, I could infer that reissuing, which published by Great Dane Records and Catarrhal is something worthy and impeccable to be implemented. In addition get a balance of Murkiness and rage atmosphere, I could also find the base rotten of their music.

In writing an album review for extreme metal, not complete if I didn't present a thought, impression or my imagination regarding the review that I've written, and this is our habit in Metalbleedingcorp. So, this is an imagination regarding the album that I have heard repeatedly.

'' Heard the all songs, such as imagining someone who is experiencing hardship from law injustice in his country due to feel cheated by the judges and aggrieved by his opponent in the judiciary.  However, in the moodiness and waiting for an uncertain law, he/she tried to spirit with every effort at the judiciary, yet still lose and remain sentenced to death, whereas, he did not nothing wrong.  Finally, a momentum of the depression in the soul comes, which caused a plume of resentment and rage that culminated, and at the time, he dug the grave and preparing the two holes for the judge and his opponent in the back yard before he was executed.''

1. Possession
2. Funeral larva 
3. Impious fog 
4. Fleshgrave 
5. Dressed in blood and pure 
6. Disinter 
7. Morbid exahation 
8. Into the arms of light 
9. Grimson rapture 
11.Of heads and catapults (bonus track) *
12.Vomited soul ( bonus track) *
13.Dreams of gatling carnage ( bonus track) *
14.Stiched lips and brutal sodomy ( bonus track) *
15.Necroleader ( bonus track) *

* taken from 'Beyond Onirism (demo 2004)

Stefan / Guitar
Xavier / Guitar
Rebhell / Drums
Romain / Bass
Serge / Vocals

Written and Edit by Hydra
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