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'CORPROPHEMIA', Teaser of the 'Abhorrogenesis' published and New Drummer announced

Corprophemia will release their second full length album titled ' Abhorrogenesis ' in March 2016 through CDN Records. Recently, there has been two important news from them. First, the band has released a teaser for ' Abhorrogenesis ', and can be heard here. 

Second, the band has just announced a change in the position of the drum. The following statement from the band about it:

''We have some huge news over here in the Corprophemia camp, so sit down, put on your seat belts, and hold on for dear life.

First we would like to announce that we have parted ways with our Drummer John Bellon. Unfortunately he was not able to make the commitment to the project that we felt was so important to us all.

Fret not though, because this roller coaster is on it's way up. We would like to welcome Jason Longo to the band. For those of you unfamiliar with Jason he is the drummer for Blood of Christ and Mulletcorpse. So we are in more than capable hands.

No fear all of our shows are still happening and we are moving along stronger than ever.

Play through videos are on the way, so keep an eye out for those. Throw some love Jason's way and welcome him to the Family. ''

You can also read our previous brief reviews, published on January 10th,2016, concerning a song called ' the Hour of the Witch ' at this location.

You can pre-order here

Written And Edit by Argos
Quotation Statement by Corprophemia

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