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'DECREPIT CADAVER', Front Art and Track List for The Upcoming Album Revealed

After the re-release of the first full-length album, ' Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts ', through ' Rotten Cemetary Records ', in 2014,  Brutal death Metal from Chile, ' Decrepit Cadaver ' will return to spread the madness of pain in the upcoming third full-length album entitled ' Vórtice a lo Macabro '.   Haven't got certainty the release date. However, I liked their music on each album,  and I will publish the latest news in the coming days here. 

Meanwhile, the album art designed by 'Luis Pinto ' from ' Lobotomy Designs' and the track list for this album have been published. I have also included an album '' Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts (Remastered Version) ', taken from their official Bandcamp, in order to readers can hear the true brutality while supporting them, due to I consider the album is the best album they've ever created up to now.

Of All of their work I had, among others, ' The Concept of Murder (Ep 2006)', 'Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts (2009)',  and ' The Beginning of Depravity (2011). Songs on these albums offer the pleasure from the brutal death metal.  Created through a balanced proportion between malicious grooved blast, vicious guitar riffs that provide the sense of demolition, and disharmony grooves and tempos.  The album entitled ' 'Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts (2009)', truly proves it. This album offers the pride of Old-school brutal death metal riffs, which offset by the ferocity blast of gore and grind element. In the meantime, the presence of dynamic raw growl, deep guttural and scream vocals in every tempo appropriate when juxtaposed with the brutal and gore elements created. The album is  interesting in the ears and incites my mind to imagine a crate containing a body corpse that being encroached by maggots and it's decomposed.

In the meantime, when I heard the album titled ' The Beginning of Depravity (2011) ', sounds catchy and grooved. . Still dominated by shredding of the long time expression brutal death metal riffs and gives the proportion of dynamic gore and grind elements increasingly than the first full-length album, led to a passion for easily head banging. Although the ferocity riffs and riotous tempo only I'd found in the first full-length album, yet ' The Beginning of Depravity  (2011)' also interesting in the ears due to it has a myriad of beautiful brutal death metal riffs that caused my ass could sit for long when to hear the brutality from this album.

Track List:
1.  Corrupción de la Carne
2.  Emanación Pestilente de Torsos Putrefactos
3.  Desecrated Divinity
4.  La Hecatombe de Ammyt
5.  Desmembramiento Carnívoro
6.  Degradación por Sepsis
7.  Vórtice Macabro de Mutilación

Written and Edit by Hephaestus
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