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'FRACTURED INSANITY ' , Third full length Album released on April 15, 2016 and the front cover art + a new song ' A Blasted Life ' published.

One that awaited its presence is ' Man Made Hell ' from Belgian Brutal Death Metal, ' Fractured Insanity', through ' Xtreem Music ', which available on April 15, 2016.  The album was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio, Poland.  Meanwhile, the album art was designed by ' Threadbare Artwork ' and a song taken from the third full-length album titled ' A Blasted Life ' has been published.

This album deserves to be respected, due to it's the return of them, since the last release of ' Mass Awakeless ' in 2010.

A song that has been published, entitled ' A Blasted Life ', forcing my memory of songs on the previous album, entitled ' Mass Awakeless (2010) '. Offers the dark atmosphere without limits, even this song is darker than I imagined. Indeed, it is already reflected when viewing the art published. Still dominated by the intense blast, the composition of riotous and devilish riffs that offers the balance of old school brutal, dark technical, and uncontrollable progressive grooves. One that is also interesting that, the song titles that incite thoughts to think about a message prior hearing the song. Interesting, and a putrid package from the darkness of the abyss evidently out in the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, two songs taken from promo 2015 were included into the Man Made Hell's track list, entitled ' Forced to Rome' and One Shot of Salvation ' and included in this article, so could feel closer to the reek of the Hell.

1. Habitual Killer
2. The Blame of Humanity
3. Forced to Rome
4. Inferno of a Narcissist
5. Man Made Hell
6. One Shot Salvation
7. A Blasted Life
8. Suicidal Holiness

Stefan/vocals and Bass
Ignace /Drum
Kenny /Guitar
Dieter /Guitar

Written and Edit by Cerberus
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