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' GOREPHAGIA ', The first full length Album ' Configurating the Angles of Self Destruction ', will be re-released by the ' Endless Torture Records ' in March 2016.

After joins with the label of Indonesia ' Endless Torture Records ', Brutal Death Metal from Ecuador, ' Gorephagia ', agreed with the label to re-released for their first full length album, entitled ' Configurating the Angles of Self Destruction ' in March 2016.  New Album Art by 'Sidjembe Art Studio '.  While, remastered performed by Nesu productions.

A video clip, entitled ' Criminogen Antropornomorphology ', taken from the album ' Configurating the Angles of Self Destruction ' will explain how they interpret the brutal death metal. '' Indeed, I' don't have this one, and this time, I will take a few bowel scattered on the floor.''

1. Intro + Inverse Transcrypt 
2. Brutal Massacre 
3. Carvonized Visceral Fest 
4. Configurating The Angles of Self Destruction  
5. Criminogen Antropornomorphology 
6. Intestinal Infection  
7. Sarcophaga Carnaria 
8. Liopleurodon Ferox
9. Womb Full of Scabs (Disgorge US Cover)

Written and Edit by Hydra

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